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Vibrate/E Collars

We wanted to share some information about remote collars and their uses and the importance of using them correctly. Time and time again we have successfully rehabilitated dogs that have been told by multiple other dog trainers they must be put to sleep. Dogs that have previously attacked people, dogs, livestock and other dangerous behaviours. Not only this but dogs that are hard of hearing, stubborn, not food or reward motivated or other reasons where using a remote collar has enabled them to have happy lives. E collars are the same technology as a tens machine. On low levels the collars can be used as a positive association. When dealing with a behaviour that needs to be stopped the levels can be increased to be more impactful but they do not 'shock' 'electricute' or 'hurt' the dog. Providing a quality e collar is used as directed by a trainer these can and have saved dogs lives. If you purchase a cheap e collar and have no idea how to use this correctly then of course this can cause issues. Just as giving your dog a food reward when they are misbehaving can increase their dangerous behaviour. A lot of education is needed around the use of these tools. You can see plenty of videos of happy e collar trained dogs and read reviews from their owners on our socials. At the end of the day, real dogs, real owners and real results says more than any words can.

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