Pack Walks

Pack walks are £10 per dog 
NB: if you have more than one dog in your household it’s just an extra £5 per dog
All our Pack Walks are open to everyone, so whether you need a bit of help with socialisation, training or control, or whether you just want to come on a structured and interactive walk with your dog, then come along and join the fun. We welcome all breeds, ages and training levels  - however if you have reactivity or aggression issues with your dog then we do insist that you have had a Dog Behaviour Package with one of our team before coming on the walk so we know you have the right information and skills to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk for all participants.
We try to vary the location of each walk to ensure that dog owners from all areas can participate so do keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for dates and locations. Two skilled behaviourists will be present on all walks to answer questions and give advice where needed.
No need to book just turn up and join in ☺

Standard Pack Walk 

This is a 90-minute group walk designed to encourage good socialisation, play, recall and general control. Dogs can be on or off lead, or a combination of both – whatever you are comfortable with. There will be a short break in the middle of the walk for some basic training exercises and a rest! 


Pack Walk – Focus on Puppies  (open to everyone)

This is a one-hour group walk to give a bit of extra help to people with pups and younger dogs – and to help older dogs deal with the youngsters! We will spend time on good heelwork techniques both on and off lead, as well as lots of focus on good socialisation and balanced play with dogs of all ages. 

Pack Walk – Focus on Problems (open to everyone)

This is a 90-minute group walk designed to give a bit of extra help to anyone struggling with dog reactivity issues, recall issues or any other walking problems that would benefit from a pack setting. Our behaviourists will be on hand to give advice and boost your confidence. This is also an excellent walk to help teach all dogs how to behave well in a real-world setting where they will come across other dogs that may still be in training. There will be a break in the middle for a rest and some self-control exercises.


Pet Gun Dog Breed Training

Do you have one of the gun dog breeds you have been training with Sarah and her team and want to challenge them further? Many owners of the gun dog have no wish to work or compete with them. However, the dog did not sign up to this and they need to meet their breed traits of hunting and retrieving. Failure to meet this can lead to some behavioural issues in some dogs. Muttley Solutions specialises in providing a high level of obedience and manners in a distraction environment. We then mix in some of the gun dog training techniques to push the dog. This means you learn to challenge your dog in a way which meets what they were bred for.  You get to learn to control them in high distraction environment, meet their breed needs and have great fun. All training is on a 1:1 basis.

We are based near Wareham and have three  very different outdoor training facilities. These are perfect for training the pet gun dog breed to meet their full potential. More information about Muttley Solutions and the Pet Gun Dog Training can be found here