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What our customers say about us.

Karen Hawen

Having 2 Parson terriers, both with different challenges, I have used four different trainers and they were my 5th. I did gain some knowledge from a couple of the other trainers, but I liked the package Natural Balanced offered.

I was so impressed with the 121 I had with Stacie, very informative, with clear instructions. The dogs responded well and there was a full write up of everything I needed to do. I knew however that I would need extra help along the way and this is where Natural Balance excels.

I can message any problems and Stacie is so happy to help and will message back or ring me to talk through the problems. She also writes up the action plan (which is brilliant as I sooo forgetful).

The only regret I have, is that I didn't find them sooner.

Dog Behaviour work with these lovely Terriers
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