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What can I say ! Sarah came to visit today to give tips for my 12week old Chester . From the normal commands , which I must say he picked up very quickly to advice on gettin him to sleep through the night to helping me get him to walk while out , I now feel confident that I can be the best to beable to give my gorgeous pup what he needs to become a confident and well behaved dog cause little do we realise we are sometimes the problem. Also giving me advice on my older boy who is 12 I can honestly say I would not recommend anyone else . Amazing !!! X


Tolly & Barney

Just like to say a HUGE Thankyou to Kimi and Leah for coming out during this unprecedented times to help solve an aggression issue between our dogs. From the moment they walked in a took over they listened and interpreted our needs and and soon were given practical and educational advice.

Tolly normal look.jpg


Hi Kimi thanks for the attachment, I’ve read it but not digested it properly yet!
We took a walk around the block this evening.  Only about twice she tried to get out of the door first, but then that’s how it’s been. She had your black rope lead on.  Every time she was slightly ahead of me I pulled gently on the lead and she came back level with me.  The only time she pulled was when she saw a cat, so I pulled the lead and she returned back beside me.  Coming to the front door without too much hassle, I went in first and she followed.

Many thanks for all your tips, it was nice to meet you and Leah today and hopefully we can teach Rosa how to behave better.  She must be tired as she is snoring like a good ‘un! 
Yes I will definitely keep in touch and thanks again.



Thank you Sarah it was lovely to meet you too. I hope you had a safe and quick journey home.

We are so grateful for all your advice and knowledge that you provided and for re-training us so that we can begin to help Ruby become a less anxious/nervous dog. We have already noticed a difference in her behaviour and I’m sure she will become a more confident dog.

We were both reassured by your experience and knowledge and so thankful that you have given us the tools and confidence to help us succeed. I now feel so much more at ease and less anxious about going for walks and dealing with her barking.

Thank you for Ruby’s detailed Modification plan and for sending it through so promptly. We have also received an email from Stacie and really do appreciate being able to discuss Ruby’s nutritional needs.

I have ordered the vibrate collar and can’t wait to get it as she managed to roll and eat horse poo today, yuk!

I will let you know how we get on.



5 days after the session.

"Hi Leah, thought you may appreciate a little progress report on George! He is so good. Walks really nicely on fig of 8 lead!

We have taken him to Poole and Bridport yesterday without a single incident, both situations were really busy with cars and people, he really took absolutely no notice of the cars, even when we walked through a very busy carpark, he just looked and carried on!

Outside in the garden I've realised it was about breaking the chain of habit of chasing and barking outside the gate! I thought I would be spraying him every 5 seconds but to be honest, after an initial fews sprays, with an AH AH NO! warning first, he has got the message, I distract him with a sharp AH AH NO and it seems to be enough, cars, people and barking dogs have gone by and so far he seems to be just coming back to my side and on some occasions I've said absolutely nothing and he hasn't moved!!! At the moment I'm trying not leaving him outside on his own, so he doesn't get bored and wander over to the fence to entertain himself. But all in all, massive progress will keep you posted "

Almost 1 month after the session

"Hi Leah. I thought I'd send a little update on George! He is absolutely perfect in town and busy areas on slip lead!!! Takes no notice of cars or anything else fast moving!! It's such a relief and makes going out with him such a pleasure and he seems to like being more under control. He's happier knowing I'm in charge. He has also stopped barking at cars and other vehicles that drive by the fence, just looks now and does nothing. Life with him is so much better. On the lane he still reacts to cars driving by but no where near the performance he used to make. And the other advice you gave me regarding letting him know he's under me in the pecking order has made him a nicer calmer dog, he stands behind me when going through doors etc, he eats after us etc. Thank you for all your help "



Highly recommend! Sarah came to visit us when our pup Rocco was just 13 weeks old, struggling with toileting, sleeping through the night and also settling him into our home preparing him for our new arrival of a baby girl! Rocco is now just over 6 months and our daughter is 5 weeks! He is a fully trained lovely dog and member of our family, he is so gentle with our daughter and knows his boundaries well.. just wanted to say such a big thank you again xxx


Frankie & Dottie

Stacey came today to help with Frankie & Dottie’s relationship, we are amazed with the difference these 3 hours have made! Frankie was extremely anxious and constantly barked all the time. This would aggravate Dottie and she would turn aggressively towards Frankie in the house. Dottie and Frankie couldn’t get on together in the house at all and it was causing a lot of difficulty for our family. Stacey worked with both dogs individually, firstly she focused on the importance of good lead walking and we used a different lead. This had a huge impact on both dogs, and reduced Frankie’s insecurities so much. We then worked on Dottie’s adverse reactions towards Frankie, using the spray collar, an incredibly effective device. If Dottie went to attack Frankie, she got a little spray of water and this stopped Dottie straight away. By the end of the training session Frankie & Dottie were so much happier & calmer. The dogs were actually able to be in the same room together without any negative behaviours. Just amazing! We are going to continue to work on controlling Dottie’s reactions towards Frankie with the help of the collar and our new skills and gradually we will no longer need to use this. We are so grateful for the improvements you have already helped us to make, thank you so much!!



Thanks Stacie, your help has been brilliant. We are taking Dexter out five to six times a day. He is responding very well and we’ve got to the point where there is hardly any noticeable anxiety when approaching people or dogs. In fact, I make a point to walk as close to everyone as possible to keep enforcing this. We have noticed today that he seems less interested in passers-by. His ears are staying to the side and not on alert, which is a great positive sign.


He has the odd bark, but it’s around 1 in 10 incidents now. We appreciate we have to keep it up, but thanks again for showing us what we have to do and making such a great difference.


Poppy & Gandalf

Thank you! We really enjoyed our training yesterday. Thank you for all of the great information and hope for our family.



Can’t express my appreciation and thankfulness for Sarah helping us! She was amazing from start to finish and when I say finish it’s not really the end and I know the road will be long but Sarah has been at the other end of the phone whenever needed since the beginning till now! I know she will always make time to continue our training and have words of wisdom whenever needed! Can’t wait to hopefully go on a big walk soon with everyone to show our training and our amazing improvements! Thank you Sarah and team

Sage and her Mummies



I had to email you because I am SO EXCITED. Today we went on our first walk with Otis using his vibrate collar. We went to the woods where he saw SO many squirrels. He chased every single one but came back within 5 seconds of me saying leave and a vibrate. A dog also came out of no where and Otis ran off with him, we said leave and a vibrate and he came back a lot quicker than he normally would too. I felt like a pretty responsible dog owner for the first time in a while! 


Some other amazing news, I support a Romanian charity (where we got him from), and they had 2 kittens living in a crate, so I offered to foster them with absolutely no hopes of Otis coping. Well we have had them here for a week now and Otis is already off lead around the house with them. We corrected any and all negative behaviours (lunging, growling, barking!) and today he has been 100% positive with them. 


Anyway, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you. I went into my rescue adoption with a very naive head and a lot I wish I had learnt before hand, but thanks to you we have a good little pup that is learning every day. Im sure we will have more bumps going forward, but for now we are all doing well all thanks to your support. 


Thank you so much,


Cooper & Bailey

Dave, we can't thank you enough from today. You and the girls are amazing.

We can already start to see a massive change. We went off to look at this car Jack wanted (which he ended up getting) they went into their crates before we left, we stayed with them until calm and went off. Put them straight on lead when we got home to go out for a wee, as we were out for a while, then sat in the lounge until they were calm again. I went straight up to feed Gemma and left Jack too it and the change of how they were when I came down was incredible already. Just need to educate the family now too, as the in laws are as bad as me - no how I used to be!

I never in a million years thought I would be able to push the buggy and walk both the dogs before our session with you a few days ago. Walking to the park, 10 days post surgery and neither Cooper or Bailey pulling at all


Betty & Red

Hi Courtney it’s Sam from yesterday. Betty and red and chilled in there Create after not being allowed on the sofas. Last night was the first night they slept in there and after 20 mins of barking they soon settled down and slept all night till chris went to work but settled back down again. Just been for a small walk inbetween work and what a difference already. So excited to see how they change over the next few days and weeks. Thank you for the help.

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