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🐶You can't expect your dog to know how you want it to behave if you don't teach it.

🐶You can't expect your dog to behave how you want it to if you don't give them CLEAR 'Yes' and 'No'.

We see this a lot where people are frustrated with their dogs behaviour yet have done nothing to teach them what they do and don't want. This is sometimes because they don't know how to.

You must teach a dog what's acceptable and reward them for all the good things you want them to do for them to then continue those behaviours. You must also teach your dog what is not acceptable and make sure they know for sure that's not okay. Otherwise they will continue to do the unwanted behaviour.

If you only reward the good and don't correct the bad, how will your dog learn what you DO and DON'T want?

You can't use your food/reward to bribe your dog out of an unwanted behaviour, they will simply think they are being rewarded for it.

You also don't want to 'nag' your dog. We see this a lot too. If you are telling your dog 'no' they need to understand that you mean no, if you aren't clear about this, you'll just be nagging them and they won't be paying attention.


YES - Please keep doing that, that's great!

NO - I don't want you to do that anymore, it's not okay.

Need help? We offer in person and online training options to help you and your dog have clarity in your training journey.

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