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Become a Dog Trainer

Natural Balance Dog Training Academy

Puppy Training & Basic Obedience Academy Course £450

This course is designed to teach you how puppies experience the world, how they communicate with us and other animals, and how we should communicate with them. The course covers all the basic obedience commands whilst also dealing with specific puppy basics such as house-training, mouthing, chewing and much more. We also look at how different breeds may need different handling due to instinctual drives and motivations. We also look at setting up your very own dog training school and a successful business.

For people wishing to become a qualified dog trainer. The entire course must be completed to a high standard. (Modules 1-8 inclusive). 

Module 1: How puppies learn
Module 2: Puppy basics
Module 3: Breed specific drives & differences
Module 4: Training basic obedience skills
Module 5: Trainer to Handler communication skills
Module 6: Trouble-shooting and motivating clients
Module 7: Setting up your training school
Module 8: Running successful Novice dog training classes

This course can be completed online via The Natural Balance Dog Training Academy's Online Training Platform.

For booking enquiries please email or call us on 07769705807 or contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

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