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Training Classes

Andover, Hampshire

Our Award-Winning Training & Behaviour services are now bringing Training Classes to Andover! Our classes will be held at The Phoenix Centre, Pilgrims Way, SP10 5HW  starting on Thursday 23rd February 2023.


We offer a range of courses from Novice up to Gold - all of which are to ensure that you and your dog are ready and confident to head out into the world.



NOVICE (5pm) - Ideal for puppies and adolescent dogs with minimal training. In this course you will learn the basic foundations of training your dog such as Sit, Down, Wait, Stay, Recall, Heel on and off lead and a few fun tricks! 


BRONZE (6pm) - A more advanced class than the novice. This is focussed on socialisation and obedience. In this class you will learn introductions to other dogs, confidence building exercises, and obedience exercises. 


£100 for a 6-week course – each session is 1 hour. Current NBDT customers will receive a £20 discount.


ENRICHMENT CLASSES - These are designed to offer you and your dog different activities to do together and will be structured according to the specific class that month. We will be offering confidence building, basic Heelwork to Music, basic scent-work, Rally obedience, advanced tricks and more! These will be run once a month at £60 per class.


For more information and bookings please contact:

Stacie 07368 557411 or email



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